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Maha Periyava

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

"Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!"

Introduction Through Electronic Music

My experience with Maha Periyava. The first is this electronic song, Arabic & Indian Trap by Jaski (listen bass boosted). This song bumps hard, with heavy sub kicks. The vocals are a sample of the call and response of "Hara Hara Shankar Jaya Jaya Shankara". I liked how the producer was able to mix the Trap Music genre with Vedic mantra. The fat bass and sub kicks complimented the heaviness of the words. However I did note the producer's maladaptations. He broke rules of mantra by incorrectly splicing words, incorrectly increasing the repetition of a phrase within the mantra, and incorrectly increasing the pitch/frequency of the the mantra. I was able to get past though it because it was the first Rudra chant that made my subwoofer really bump. The bhav was fresh. I did not realize this song was my first introduction to Maha Periyava.

May 4th Rager

Discussion with friend about Maha Periyava.

Listening to Mahaperiyava Music

Astostram & Mahimas

Reading his mahimas (life story) and astotram (108 names) right before my job interview.

MS Subalakshmi Experience with Maha Periyava

Reading how Sathya Sai Baba and Maha Periyava summoned PVRK Prasad, the Chief Officer of TTD to assist MS Subalaksmi in a time of need. The result was the preservation of Annamacharya Kirtanas as well as millions of Bhakti records being sold.This story showcases how the Sadgurus use hardships to humble their disciples, while fostering the sashtras.

Parallels to My Predicament

The work I was doing with a team in Chennai bankrupted my business and my dad fired me. I was without a job, and when I read the Mahimas and Asostram my job interview was , I was sitting a puja room with in which kula devata of was Balaji supplemented by Sathya Sai & Shirdi Sai (video below). (In the story Prasad is Tirumala). This story seta path forward with music and . Lalita Sahranama and my friend who first told me about Maha Periyava attends (after not seeing her for a long time).

Touching Down in Fremont

Seeing Kanchi Periyava's picture next to Sai Baba's picture. Being served food by a Periava devotee, and told that she has met Maha Periyava, being fed. Being brought to Rudram Chanting

My favorite Maha Periyava Tracks.

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