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Thiruvasagam to Film: Tharai Thappattai

Poet: Maanikavasagar

Music director: Ilaiyaraaja

Singers: Sathya Prakash & Surmukhi

Movie: Thaarai Thappattai Nayanars:

Maanikavasagar- Nayanars

Maha Periyava: The Nayanars were 6th century Shiva Bhakta's who composed songs, hymns, and poems in his glory. Maha Periyava often alluded to the Nayanars stories of the Nayanars in stories that he told to his disciples. One such story:

Story of the 64 Nayanars:

In this story an awakened foreigner comes to Maha Periyava and explains his spiritual predicament to the Paramacharaya. Periyava grants him the understanding of his experiences and promises that he will continue to guide this aspirant to the ultimate goal. One of the

Paramacharya's close attendants (a staunch wonders whether a foreigner (non-Bramhan) was worthy of . Through a series of leelas, Periyava that this foreigner was (or was to become) the 64th Nayanar.


Ilayaraja experience with Maha Periyava. Maha Periyava told Ilayaraja to remake Thiruvasagam. First remake was the symphony. Next was Parururvaya from the Bala film Tharai Thappattai. The lyrics have a profound spiritual connotation that are compliment.

பார் உரு ஆய பிறப்பு அற வேண்டும்; பத்திமையும் பெற வேண்டும்; சீர் உரு ஆய சிவபெருமானே, செம் கமல மலர் போல ஆர் உரு ஆய என் ஆர் அமுதே, உன் அடியவர் தொகை நடுவே, ஓர் உரு ஆய நின் திருவருள் காட்டி, என்னையும் உய்யக்கொண்டருளே

Please break this constant cycle of birth and death in different forms that I am subjected to in the world, I should also attain emotional devotion (to you), Oh shiva, the one who embodies excellence, The one who is like the blossomed red lotus, The one with his gracious form is my unappeasable nectar, Oh Shiva, here amidst of your assembled devotees, please show your unified divine form, and please protect (break my cycle of birth and death) me too!

பத்து இலன் ஏனும், பணிந்திலன் ஏனும், உன் உயர்ந்த பைம் கழல் காணப் பித்து இலன் ஏனும், பிதற்றிலன் ஏனும், பிறப்பு அறுப்பாய்; எம்பெருமானே! முத்து அனையானே! மணி அனையானே! முதல்வனே! `முறையோ?' என்று எத்தனையானும் யான் தொடர்ந்து உன்னை இனிப் பிரிந்து ஆற்றேனே

Even if my devotion ceases, Even if my submissiveness to you abates, Even if my mind does not seeks to find your esteemed feet, Even if I do not sing praises about you, please break my cycle of birth and death, My Lord! The one who is like the pearl, The one who is a gem, My leader! Is it fair that I am stuck in this cycle? I have been following you for so many births and pleading you to break this constant cycle of birth of death, so please take me into your abode and do not make me fall in this trap (of birth and death) again!

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