Lineage, Sampradhyas, & Parapara

Lineage is defined as the descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree. In olden times, lineage was preserved through the chaste system. People from the same chaste shared values and principles guidelines for living a balanced life. Certain streams of knowledge were only accessible if you were born into a particular blood line or chaste. This is why there was an emphasis. Additionally the subtle body as well as physical body of the child

[Insert Periyava ] Although it was once an efficient system used to preserve value and tradition, the chaste system was grossly abused and ended up causing more divisions than unity within Indian society. Additionally The chaste system no longer became a valid method of properly preserving lineage, and now primarily serves as a label.

throughout history music this how music traditions are preserved. It is a personal observation that the most Carnatic musicians are Bramhin.

Rama's Lineage

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